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Game Guide (M-HCI)

Game name : “Metamorph”

How to Play :
Upon starting the game, you will start as a tadpole in the water with the maximum health value (100). Along the game you will transform 5 times into a frog. In the water, you have to feed your creature by directing it to the food (Algae).

On the top left corner of the interface you will see the health monitor along with a “growth bar” and Score. On the right corner you will see your current progress to reach the final stage.

Health Monitor displays your health in the form of a number
Growth Bar displays the process of your growth in the form of a bar
Score displays your score in the form of a number

To increase your health and growth, you have to eat the food and the growth will increase. When your health reached zero, your creature will die and the game ends. The score will increase randomly depending on the value if the food which ranging from 8 to 15 points, the score will be saved when the player successfully reach the final stage. When the growth bar is fulfilled you will be able to transform into the higher step on the metamorphosis. The food will be floating around but watch out for the fishes as it will eat you and reduce your health.

Controls :
Q = Pause Game
N = Resume Game
M = Mute In-Game Music
Arrow Key Up or W = Move Upwards
Arrow Key Left or A = Move Left
Arrow Key Down or S = Move Downwards
Arrow Key Right or D = Move Right

My Contribution (Fiqhy Bismadhika) :
I designed and implemented how the game’s mechanism works, from the easy basic movement and complicated AI behavior including score storage. Created all of both events and actions on Construct 2.

Others Contribution :

  • Documents on how the game works (Dean Jourdan Dumais)
  • Explain and teach the metamorphosis lesson to the player (Steven Lee Himawan)


Resources :
self created :

  • The info sprites(About, resources, and manuals)
  • Title Logo
  • Lose and win text sprite
  • Eat and bit sprite
  • Lesson sprites

not self created :

Pictures :


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